Department of Speech and Hearing

Department of Speech and Hearing

The Centre of Speech and Hearing at CARE CHL Hospitals is committed to providing treatment to children and adults with speech as well as occupational therapy needs. Our key focus is on understanding the inter-relationships between listening, talking, reading and writing to help our patients ‘communicate’. Following is a thorough lowdown on the services we provide.

  • Speech & Language: We cover paediatric to geriatric sub-sessions. It includes articulation, language (autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy etc.), fluency, voice, accent modification, and hearing impairment.
  • Audiology: The sub-sessions that fall under this section are hearing evaluation, audiometry / special tests / emittance / tinnitus aid trials and rehabilitation therapy.
  • Speech & Language: This section deals with communication disorders associated with neurological impairment.
  • Literacy: This section focuses on assisting one with reading & writing difficulties.

Why Choose CARE CHL Hospitals?

The department has a team of well-trained therapists working for the past 6 years, training and counselling patients with cleft lip and palate issues, to enhance speech (fluency). We are the only centre in M.P for Smile Train to have a speech therapy unit with the surgical unit. The highlights of our centre include,

  • Pure tone audiometry, 
  • Speech audiometry & special tests, 
  • Impedance evaluation, 
  • Hearing rehabilitation (Hearing aids), 
  • Tinnitus matching and retraining therapy.

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