Clinical Research

Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Department (CHL-CRD) of CARE CHL Hospitals was constituted in the year 2006, as envisioned by Professor Dr S. R. Jain, under the able leadership of the top management of the institute. The mission of CARE CHL-CRD is to undertake and promote excellence in clinical research, and to foster as well as support patient care and treatment. At CARE CHL-CRD, pharma-sponsored research projects provide the foundation for research activities. These projects are complemented by organisational projects, community-based intervention programs, population-based epidemiology studies, multi-centre controlled clinical trials, and research training programs. Some of the objectives our research team incorporates in the process are as follows, 

  • Review sponsored (pharma-sponsored, govt-sponsored etc.) research proposals for feasibility and conduct at the Institute
  • Assist Investigators and provide complete support for the initiation and progress of scientific and clinical research projects
  • We also coordinate the functioning of committees for analytical presentation and the maintenance of ethics in CARE CHL.

Why Choose CARE CHL Hospitals?

Our site’s Clinical Research Department has been involved in phase II, III and IV research activities for more than a decade in indications such as cardiology, endocrinology (diabetes), oncology, critical care, dermatology, urology, pain, infections, gastroenterology, nephrology, orthopaedics, etc. We also have incorporated a team of experienced and GCP-trained research investigators assisted by a dedicated and full-time GCP-trained research team. In addition to this, the spacious working area with facilities for storage, audit and archival of research-related activities, and updated SOPs following national and international regulations make the research work efficient. Following are the technologies we use to make our department better than the rest, 

  • NABL accredited full-fledged CARE CHL-Laboratory. Our lab, CARE CHL-Laboratory was the first NABL accredited in Madhya Pradesh for the subjects of clinical pathology, haematology, biochemistry, cytology and histopathology
  • NABH accredited CARE CHL-Hospitals
  • CDSCO registered (ECR/505/Inst/MP/2014/RR-20) and Madhya Pradesh’s first NABH accredited Institutional Ethics Committee (EC- CT- 2018-0036; July 2021-2024)
  • Department of Health Research (NAITIK): Provisional Registration - EC/NEW/INST/2020/487

The phases in clinical trials are governed by strict protocols and overseen by many regulatory bodies, from the Drug Controller General of India to Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC). IECs are a group comprising independent medical experts, basic medical scientists, pharmacologists, legal experts, ethicists / philosophers / social workers / theologians, as well as laypeople. Researchers periodically report to the IEC regarding the study's entire conduct, including the tests involved in the study, the results recorded and even the side effects reported.

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